Efficient Power Market Design

The very essence of Mercados has been to liberalize the energy sector and promote efficient and sustainable energy markets. This mission is even more important in today’s milieu when renewable energy growth and increased focus on decarbonisation is causing a disruption in energy markets. With this envisaged roiling in the energy markets, we were pleased to associate with the SOOPS group in organising a workshop on Efficient Power Market Design. SOOPS Group is a power trading market focused, software development company, based in the Netherlands. Its mission is to become the ITC – supplier of choice for the most important energy exchanges.

The intent of this workshop was to discuss the prevailing issues in the power markets in India and how such issues have been handled in the international landscapes.

There were 90+ delegates from across ministry, authority, regulator, academia and electricity value chain participants. This was more than double the number of participants that had evinced interest at the conceptualization stage!

In the first half of the workshop, we gleaned insights into the philosophy behind the European energy market, its structure and the safeguards in place to enable efficient dispatch and optimum price discovery. We then absorbed exhaustive and deliberate insights into the design tenets of the Australian energy market.

In the second half, we discussed the current challenges faced by the Indian energy market . We had a detailed deliberation about what should be done and not done for the future development of the Indian energy market.