Bhushan Rastogi
Managing Director

Bhushan Rastogi, is a Rank-holder Chartered Accountant with a graduate degree in commerce. After a short stint with PWC at the start of his career, he has remained an entrepreneur since the last 19 years. Post-acquisition of Mercados in 2015, Bhushan has been steering the company in the capacity of its Managing Director.

Has been involved in consulting assignments in the areas of Corporatization, Reforms, Regulatory Affairs and Financial Accounting and advisory, Bhushan has previously worked as a Consultant at PWC and as a Partner at Bhushan Rastogi & Associates. Since 2015, he has been leading Mercados Energy Markets India Pvt. Ltd. as the Managing Director.

Over his career span, he has interacted with officials of regulatory commissions, public and private utilities, government, multilateral and bilateral organizations, consumer groups, consultants and academicians. Over the past few years Bhushan has advised a number of organizations which include CERC, CEA, PFC, REC, Utilities across major states and almost all the reputed private sector players.
Professionally a seasoned consultant, Bhushan is a financial & regulatory expert with extensive practical knowledge of accounting systems and procedures of power utilities. His rich understanding of the power sector business & operational environment of Utilities and the emerging industry structure, business requirements and regulatory issues in the sector earns admiration from across the Industry patrons.