Mercados Energy Markets India Private Limited is a specialist consultancy firm supporting clients across the Energy sector value chain with a special focus on the Generation, Transmission, Trading, and Distribution of electricity.

We provide services to Public, Private and Nodal Agencies for promoting efficient and sustainable energy markets, designing effective regulations, and assisting energy businesses to succeed.

Our approach integrates innovative, state-of-the-art techniques with practical, tailor-made solutions to address energy sector challenges.

Our key people have held top positions in government, regulatory authorities, and energy companies, and bring a global perspective to local and regional issues.

Mercados EMI started operations in India in 2008 and is currently offering services in Conventional, Renewable and Oil & Gas sectors. 

Service Areas

Our practice is founded in hands-on experience, quality analysis, and a detailed understanding of the energy market; therein we are able to address the full range of issues relevant to energy sector companies and institutions.