Position ID URC/2023-24/011
Position Title Analyst - PHP Developer
Location New Delhi
Reports to Head IT
Number of openings 01
About the Role: “Analyst - PHP Developer”
Designing, developing, and maintaining web applications and websites using the PHP programming language. Their primary focus is on server-side programming, handling database operations, and ensuring the smooth functionality of web applications
Role & Responsibilities
  • Developing web applications: Writing clean, efficient, and maintainable code to create dynamic and interactive web applications.
  • Back-end development: Work on the server-side of web applications, handling server requests, processing data, and implementing business logic. Integrate databases, such as MySQL, Mongo, Oracle or PostgreSQL, to store and retrieve information.
  • Web application architecture: Participate in designing the overall architecture of web applications, including defining the database structure, establishing server-client communication protocols, and ensuring scalability and performance.
  • Troubleshooting and bug fixing: Identify and resolve issues or bugs in the code to ensure the smooth functioning of web applications. Perform debugging, error handling, and testing to maintain code quality and application stability.
  • Collaboration with cross-functional teams: Collaborate with other members of the development team, such as front-end developers and project managers. Work together to achieve project goals, provide technical input, and contribute to the overall success of the project.
  • Optimization and performance tuning: Optimize web applications for speed, efficiency, and scalability. Implement caching mechanisms, improve database queries, and optimize code to enhance the performance of web applications.
  • Security considerations: Responsible for implementing security measures to protect web applications from potential vulnerabilities. Adhere to best practices, such as input validation, data sanitization, and protection against common security threats like cross-site scripting (XSS) or SQL injection.
Required skill set
  • Proficiency in PHP: A strong understanding of the PHP programming language is essential. This includes knowledge of PHP syntax, object-oriented programming (OOP), and familiarity with PHP frameworks.
  • Web Development: Sound knowledge of web development concepts such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is crucial. Being able to create responsive and user-friendly web interfaces is important for front-end integration.
  • Database Management: Familiarity with database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB is essential. You should be comfortable designing and working with databases, writing efficient queries, and optimizing database performance.
  • Server-Side Development: PHP developers primarily work on the server-side of web applications. You should have expertise in server-side programming, handling HTTP requests, session management, and server configuration.
  • Frameworks and Libraries: Experience with popular PHP frameworks and libraries like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, or CakePHP can significantly streamline development processes and enhance code efficiency.
  • Version Control: Proficiency in using version control systems like Git is crucial for collaborating with other developers and managing code repositories effectively.
  • Debugging and Testing: Ability to identify and fix bugs in code is important. Familiarity with debugging tools and techniques, as well as unit testing frameworks like PHPUnit, ensures code quality and reliability.
  • Security Knowledge: Understanding of web application security principles and best practices is essential to protect against common vulnerabilities, such as cross-site scripting (XSS) or SQL injection attacks. Knowledge of secure coding practices is highly valued.
  • Problem Solving and Troubleshooting: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are important for diagnosing and resolving issues in web applications. Being able to identify and address performance bottlenecks or scalability challenges is valuable.
  • Collaboration and Communication: PHP developers often work in teams, so effective communication and collaboration skills are vital. The ability to translate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders is also beneficial.
Education and Experience
  • 1 - 2 Years
  • B.E / B.Tech / MCA / MSc (CS/IT) or Post-graduation in (CS/IT)
Work Location
  • New Delhi
Remuneration Structure
  • We offer a motivation based and competitive reward package.
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