Support in Drafting Grid Code 2022.

The Hon’ble CERC had appointed an Expert Panel for undertaking a review of IEGC in a granular manner. Mercados assisted the Expert Panel for such review which included the aspects related to the identification of areas in the grid code that should be considered by the Committee based on analysis of the current / expected changes in the sector via-a-vis the provisions in the current Grid code; preparation of detailed framework will be agreed for undertaking the analysis of the identified issues.

The task included primary data research and interactions with key stakeholders identified by the Committee besides inclusion of Best Practices based on major International Grid Codes, International Experiences and Technical Literature. As part of the engagement, Mercados undertook the detailed analysis on the identified areas as required by the Committee and the officers of the Hon’ble Commission, preparation of the models, simulation/ scenario analysis in order to validate assumptions and proposals. The same was followed by detailed presentations before the Committee after taking inputs from the counterpart team in CERC.

Currently, our Team is assisting CERC in compilation of comments on the Draft Grid Code and preparation of Statement of Reasons for the draft and Final Grid Code.