Position ID URC/2023-24/016
Position Title Analyst - Policy & Regulatory
Location Shillong
About the Role: ‘Analyst - Policy & Regulatory’
Regulatory Support Consultant will be responsible for providing comprehensive support to Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL), Meghalaya Power Generation Corporation Limited (MePGCL), Meghalaya Power Transmission Corporation Limited (MePTCL), Meghalaya SLDC, and Meghalaya Power Distribution Corporation Limited (MePDCL) in all day-to-day and routine regulatory matters pertaining to MSERC, CERC, MOP, MNRE, CEA, SAC, GoMe, and other relevant regulatory bodies. The key responsibilities of this role will include the following:
Detailed set of expectations from the role:
  • Petition Filing and Compliance:
    • Prepare and file ARR, Tariff Petition, True-up Petition, and Annual Performance Review Petition for all discoms within the contract period.
    • Ensure compliance with outstanding directives issued by MSERC and prepare compliance reports.
    • File the MYT Petition for the next control period during the engagement and submit FPPCA petitions quarterly to the Hon'ble Commission.
    • Prepare petitions in accordance with MSERC regulations, covering performance trajectory, sales and demand forecast, and investment and financing plans.
  • Studies and Reports:
    • Conduct various studies recommended by the commission (MSERC), including cost-of-service studies for different categories or voltage levels and fresh Actuarial Valuation Study Report related to employee expenses.
    • Assist in preparing a report on compliance with directives issued by MSERC in previous orders.
  • Public Hearing Representation:
    • Attend public hearings on Tariff Proposals of MePGCL, MePTCL, Meghalaya SLDC, and MePDCL as directed by MSERC.
    • Provide detailed written replies to objectors' suggestions and queries from MSERC during the Public Hearing.
    • Support MeECL and its subsidiaries in oral responses to queries during public hearings.
  • Analysis and Review Petitions:
    • Analyze MYT/Tariff Orders issued by MSERC and assess the approval of costs versus claims, presenting rationales for disallowance and financial/operational impact assessments.
    • Assist in filing review petitions before MSERC, if required.
    • Handle filing and responses to petitions before CERC and represent MeECL and its subsidiaries during public hearings.
    • Analyze CERC orders pertaining to MeECL and its subsidiaries, assess the impact, and recommend further action, including filing review petitions, if necessary.
  • Business Plan Preparation:
    • Prepare the Business Plan for MeECL and its subsidiaries as required by MSERC or regulatory mandates.
    • Provide supporting data and information for justifying business plans and MYT petitions.
  • Draft Regulations and Orders:
    • Analyze draft and final regulations, orders, rules, codes, and notifications issued by regulatory bodies, including MSERC, CERC, MoP, CEA, and the Government of Meghalaya.
    • Assess the impact on finances and operations and recommend necessary actions.
    • Provide inputs on draft regulations, orders, rules, codes, and notifications when required.
  • Data Collection and Analysis:
    • Develop data collection formats and gather necessary data from each utility.
    • Perform data analysis and validate data for accuracy.
Required skill set
  • Provide day-to-day support for regulatory matters concerning MSERC, CERC, MOP, MNRE, CEA, SAC, GoMe, etc.
  • Prepare and file petitions (ARR, Tariff, True-up, Annual Performance Review) for discoms falling within the contract period.
  • Ensure compliance with MSERC directives and file MYT Petition for the next control period.
  • Conduct cost-of-service studies, actuarial valuation studies, and other studies as required by the regulatory authorities.
  • Represent MeECL and its subsidiaries during public hearings on tariff proposals and respond to objectors' queries.
  • Analyze MYT/Tariff Orders and assist in filing review petitions if needed.
  • Handle petitions and responses before CERC and provide technical inputs for review petitions.
  • Analyze draft and final regulations, orders, and notifications, recommending necessary actions.
  • Prepare Business Plan and back-up data to justify regulatory requirements.
  • Support State Advisory Committee meetings during regulatory proceedings.
Education and Experience
  • BE/B. Tech plus MBA, M.Tech or CA or ICWA
  • 3 to 5 years
Work Location
  • Base location shall be Shillong, Meghalaya. However, the role would require the applicant to undertake travel for pursuing various opportunities.
Remuneration Structure
  • We offer a motivation based and competitive reward package.
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