Position ID URC/2023-24/024
Position Title Analyst - RTM
Location Lucknow
About the Role: ‘Analyst - RTM’
The candidate would manage the trade-desk for the client/utility for sale/purchase of power in Power Exchange (PXs) instruments such as DAM/TAM/RTM. The role involves, but not limited to, maintaining trade details, analyze real-time demand-supply gaps and preparation of Bids for PXs
Detailed set of expectations from the role:
  • Preparing bids for trade (Buy/Sell) in DAM, TAM and RTM platforms
  • Monitoring and Analysis of Demand-Supply Gaps, Deviations in Schedules and Plant Outages on real-time basis
  • Scheduling of Generating Units based on merit order and using the dispatch optimization model
  • Preparing and Maintaining daily buy/sell trade accounts/records through an established Database
  • Supporting the Client in activities related to energy trading and accounting.
  • Must be open to working in Rotational Shifts
Required skill set
  • Hands-on experience in electricity trade using electricity market platforms at PXs for DAM/TAM/RTM trading. (Preferred)
  • Understanding of Regulations related to Power Markets, Grid Code, Connectivity, Tariff etc.
  • Understanding of Energy Portfolio Management activities including Demand Forecasting, Scheduling, Power Sale/Purchase on Exchange Platforms.
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft suite (including advanced Excel skills).
Education and Experience
  • B. Tech (Electrical/Computer Science/IT/Electronics or their associated branches) + MBA
  • 2 to 5 years of experience
Work Location
  • Base location shall be Lucknow. However, the role would require the applicant to undertake travel for pursuing various opportunities.
Remuneration Structure
  • We offer a motivation based and competitive reward package.
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