Vision 2030 for Largest State GENCO in India.

Mercados assisted the largest state-generation company in India for development of its vision and overall strategic roadmap for the next decade. Client had a large portfolio of coal-based generating stations besides a small portfolio of gas, hydel and solar generation capacity.

The assignment embraces peculiarity with the growing impetus on clean generation sources whereas the current portfolio is largely based on conventional generation sources. The assignment involved providing strategic insights on development of alternative technologies, identifying focus areas, suggesting avenues for improvement and implementation framework for achieving the Vision.

As part of the engagement, Mercados interacted with the Top management and basis their aspirations, transformed the overall industry landscape into an achievable capacity addition program for the company. Apart from the expansion plan, the company required introspection into avenues of revenue leakages, upcoming business challenges and way forward especially when a large portfolio falls under the regulatory framework. Basis our deep expertise in this domain, specific areas requiring improvements, adherence to timelines and performance improvement initiatives were indicated in the strategic deliverable.